Review: Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley


Mystery Man (Dream Man #1) by Kristen Ashley
Contemporary / Suspense
Forever (December 11, 2012)

Rating: B+
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Gwendolyn Kidd – Book Editor, Divorcee
Hero: Cabe ‘Hawk’ Delgado – Commando, Mystery
Setting: Colorado, USA



For nearly a year and a half, Gwendolyn Kidd has been receiving sporadic nightly visits from her Mystery Man—hot, multi-orgasm inducing visits. What was once a one night stand has turned into frequent midnight booty calls. And, even though she knows she should, Gwen can’t bring herself to end the strange relationship.

Gwen, a divorcee, has been hurt in the past by the one person sworn to honor and cherish her. The pain from that has caused her to become closed off and standoffish towards men. The only person she’s let get close to her since is her Mystery Man—and, considering they don’t talk, the closeness is only physical.

But when Gwen’s life goes from working from home in her yoga pants, and drinking cosmos with her friends on the weekends, to frequent home invasions, kidnappings, and, oh, the occasional drive-by shooting... her Mystery Man none too gently asserts himself into her life.

Enter Cabe ‘Hawk’ Delgado. This man oozes testosterone and is alpha to the extreme. Which also means he is protective of what’s his to a crazy degree. And, even though she doesn’t know it, Gwen is and has been his. So, whether she likes it or not (mostly not), Hawk keeps showing up to save her.

Gwen and Hawk were a nice balance, personality-wise. Hawk’s alpha macho-ness could have driven me up a wall but it was nicely tempered by Gwen’s temper and sarcasm. And the fact the she never failed to call him on his alpha B.S. I enjoyed seeing two individuals, with walls up around their hearts, defenses come crumbling down. Especially Hawk’s. Those tough guys have the softest centers. I’m also a sucker for guys who like to spoon, so, my fondness for Hawk was pretty much a given.

I can’t say that I was totally into the suspense elements (I never quite understood why bad guys were after Gwen’s sister...), or the four – count ‘em, four – suitors vying for Gwen... but it didn’t turn me off either. And I liked each guy individually, Tack in particular. Something about that bad boy motorcycle gang leader. Sigh. Anyway.

I like the world Miz Ashley has created for this Dream Man series, full of bikers and cops and commandos with dirty minds and dirty mouths but are gentleman at their cores. Mystery Man will surround you with enough testosterone to set off all your feminine bells and whistles. Be prepared to be dominated by the force that is Cabe ‘Hawk’ Delgado, ladies. Because when that man says ‘babe’... it will melt your butter.

Favorite Quote:

“You’re bossy, arrogant, intrusive, annoying and you crushed Troy like a bug without thought or remorse. Those are the cons,” I shared honestly.
His minor grin amplified.
See! Totally unrepentant.
”Oh, and you don’t listen to me,” I added.
More grinning then, “Do I have anything going for me?”
”On the very rare occasion you can be sweet, you’re a cuddler and you carried me out of a burning building. Those are the pros.”
”I’m a cuddler?”
”You spoon.”
His brows went up. “That’s important enough to be put on your list?”
”Uh... yeah.”
He stared at me, grinning nearly at a smile then he noted, “Fuckin’ ridiculous what women think is important.”
My eyes got squinty and I snapped, “Con!”


Thoughts While Reading:

13.0% - "Well, hello, testosterone!"
24.0% - "Aww Hawk likes to spoon!"
37.0% - "Filler?! Mother f'in FILLER? Oh, Hawk you got some 'splaining to do!"


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