One Night Stand: Bad Rep by A. Meredith Walters


Bad Rep by A. Meredith Walters
Contemporary / Mature YA 
A. Meredith Walters (December 19, 2012)

Rating: C+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Maysie Arden – Sorority Sister, Bad Rep 
Hero: Jordan Levitt – Fraternity Brother, Musician
Setting: Virginia, USA



"Who gives a damn about their reputation? Oh, that would be me! Especially since mine had gone straight to hell in the span of thirty minutes"

Sorority girl Maysie Ardin has made some bad choices lately. She's not doing so well in school, she's dating a loser and, instead of using the credit card her parents gave her for emergency use only, she bought expensive clothing. And now she has racked up a $3500 bill. Her parents are not happy. It's time for Maysie to get her priorities straight. First thing she needs to do, get a second job to pay off her credit card.

When Maysie goes to apply for a serving job with her best friend, Riley, they are both immediately hired on the spot. She also meets the sexy, tattooed, pierced, rock star Jordan Levitt, who she has instant chemistry with. But things aren't always as they seem. And when Maysie finds out Jordan has a girlfriend, and who his girlfriend is, she does her best to stay away from him no matter how much she is drawn to him. No matter how much she thinks about him. No matter what...he is off-limits.

“I wanted to tell you that I couldn't stop thinking about your face. That you had burrowed your way so deep into my veins that I would fucking bleed you. That if I died tomorrow, I could go a happy man for having felt your lips on my skin.”

Jordan Levitt is the popular, gorgeous, rocker who all the girls want a piece of. He is also the president of his fraternity. His relationship with his girlfriend has simmered down. So when he meets Maysie, she is someone that he has a lot in common with. She is more interested in him, and his music, than his own girlfriend. The kind of chemistry he has with Maysie is new to him, something he's never felt before. And because of that fierce chemistry they have together, he is willing to betray his trust with his girlfriend to be with Maysie, and relentlessly pursue her until she finally gives in to him.

Maysie does her best to stay away from Jordan. She knew the consequences would be bad if anything happened with him. But, unfortunately, she could no longer deny her attraction to Jordan. And because of one kiss, her whole reputation was ruined.

Because of this kiss, Maysie endures a lot of vicious rumors and cattiness. And, because of that one kiss, the life she has created for herself is completely shredded overnight. It's really hard to stomach the things that are said about her. Her sorority sisters are the epitome of mean girls. They are shallow and very immature. The guys weren't any better. To say they put her through hell is a massive understatement. Yet Maysie refused to quit the sorority. Instead, she hopes things get better and the girls will accept her again. Which was ridiculously stupid if you ask me. Those horrible girls were not her friends.

I did understand Maysie's insecurities about wanting to fit in. She was the wallflower in high school. And in college, she wanted to feel popular and important for the first time in her life. A lot of her insecurities stem from the way her father treats her, as if she was never good enough to be his daughter. But is it really worth being friends with girls who mistreat you so badly just to be popular, to be a part of a group? To feel accepted? No, it's not worth it and Maysie learns this lesson the hard way.

I had some serious anxiety and frustration while reading this story. This is a common story, where the woman is to blame and called a whore because she is the “other” woman. I've never understood why the woman always takes the blame. It takes two people to cheat! Also, it really aggravated me when Maysie always ran from her problems. She never stood up for herself. Maysie's logic drove me bat-shit crazy! She does have some character growth by the end of the story. It's definitely a great moment to see her FINALLY get the last word.

This story is about love, trust, and acceptance. Sometimes love isn't enough to build a relationship. There must be trust. Both Jordan and Maysie have some severe trust issues especially because of the way the relationship started. Can two people who have committed the ultimate betrayal learn to trust one another? And the true issue that lies within this story is acceptance. Maysie needs to learn to accept herself. To be herself. To find herself. And to stop caring about what other people think of her.

Overall, I liked this book. It held my interest and I read it in almost one sitting. Fair warning, though, Maysie will frustrate the hell out of you.

Thoughts While Reading:

21.0% - "Ahhh, I'm frustrated!”


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