Quickie: Naked by Raine Miller


Naked (The Blackstone Affair #1) by Raine Miller
Atria Books (December 12, 2012)

Rating: C
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Brynne Bennett – Art Student, Dark Past 
Hero: Ethan Blackstone – Millionaire, Arousingly Blunt 
Setting: England



Brynne Bennett is a college student and sometimes model. Studying abroad and living in London to get away from her past. When her best friend takes a provocative and tasteful photo of her for his gallery show, the photo grabs the attention of one rich and incredibly alluring Ethan Blackstone.

Ethan is the owner of a security firm that has some high profile clients. You know, like The Queen. He's also the usual controlling, dominating self-made millionaire. And he has a way of being… arousingly blunt. He isn't afraid to tell you exactly what he wants. No sweet nothings needed. I love a man who says what he means, especially if it’s something naughty.

When Ethan offers to drive Brynne home after the show, the two begin a torrid, whirlwind romance. In which they have lots and lots of sex. Not a lot of talking, but definitely a lot of sex. I could be mistaken, but almost every scene in Naked ends or begins with Brynne and Ethan going at it. Not usually a negative for me, except…

There is a bit of a suspended belief to it all. Brynne and Ethan were very quick to fall in love. Faster than lightening. I would have preferred those three words not come up at all yet. Because they did, I had a hard time believing in their love. it didn't engage my emotions as I expected. But the sex was sensual and spicy. Filthy, really. In a very, very good way. Ethan knows what a girl wants.

The ending is a cliffhanger though. All is not as it seems in Naked. There is an underlying layer, a promise of more to come. I'm looking forward to seeing how the next installment goes. And watching Ethan try to get himself out of the mess he created.

Favorite Quote:

“Brynne, I'm looking because I can't keep my eyes off you. I want to be in you. I want to fuck you so badly I can hardly drive the damn car right now. I want to come inside you and then do it again. I want your sweet cunt wrapped around my cock while you scream my name because I made you come. I want to keep you with me all fucking night long so I can take you over and over again and you don't remember anything else but me.”


Thoughts While Reading:



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