Review: Passion Flower by Sindra van Yssel


Passion Flower (Submission Island) by Sindra van Yssel
Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc. (February 15, 2013)

Rating: B
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Natalie – Botanist, Kind of Kinky
Hero: Carter – Ex-Military, Dominant
Setting: Submission Island, somewhere near Australia



Natalie is a botanist searching for a rare night-blooming orchid. An orchid that was once seen in a picture taken on what is now known as Submission Island. When Natalie’s colleague tried to appeal to the four owners of Submission Island, they denied his request to visit. Natalie knows her only way in is to pretend to be a submissive looking for a kinky tropical vacation.

Natalie thinks she’ll fool no one with her lack of BDSM experience, getting herself kicked off the island as soon as she lands. But, whether Natalie wants to admit it or not, she’s a little bit kinky. She’s simply never found the right partner to explore her kinks with. Submission Island turns out to be a good place for her to indulge all of her passions.

There to help her explore her desires is Carter. Once in the military, he and three fellow soldiers bought the island to indulge in their sexual fantasies with no strings attached. Which was great, but now Carter is starting to feel bored. He wants submission but he also wants fun and playfulness. Something more than just willful, temporary obedience.

Which he finds in Natalie. I enjoyed watching Natalie discover sides to herself that she didn’t know existed, or wasn’t ready to acknowledge. Carter was the perfect man to free her inner wanton. He goes easy on her with the BDSM, focusing mainly on D/s, and gives her a lot of leeway… but when he gets all dominant and authoritative, oh, you can’t help but want to obey the man! Her inexperience combined with his expertise was very, very sexy.

If there is such a thing as a BDSM beach read, Passion Flower is it. Miz Yssel has created a vacation destination that I wish existed in real life. Four hot dominant men, a secluded tropical island, and all the kink a lady could wish for? Um, yes, please! I hope that she plans on having a book for each of the other men. Master Kyle in particular, whose tastes run on the more extreme side.

Favorite Quote:

He reached between them and pulled his zipper down, freeing his cock. He pushed into her in one thrust, stretching and filling her. He arched his hips. She moaned. For a moment she thought about how it all must look, her naked, riding him; him with his jeans on, unzipped just enough to fuck her. Shameless. But she didn’t feel shame, or even embarrassment. She didn’t care if anyone was watching or not. She had a big, handsome stud, and she was proud of him.
He was hers.
She was his.


Thoughts While Reading:



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