Review & Giveaway! Veiled Innocence by Ella Frank


Veiled Innocence by Ella Frank
Ella Frank (April 6, 2014)

Rating: A-
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Addison Lancaster – High School Student, Bold
Hero: Grayson McKenrick – History Teacher, Protective





I am one of those readers who is always on the hunt for the one book that stands out among the rest. I love a story that owns me emotionally. I love a story that is thought-provoking. I love a book that thrills and excites me. I love book that awes me. I love a book that captivates me. And I love books that push through the norm, breaking boundaries in romance. Veiled Innocence deserves that type of praise and more. This is a book that needs to be read – period!

“Temptation had come to visit, and her steely determination would likely destroy us both.”

Addison Lancaster is eighteen years old and in high school. From the outside she seems to have it all: smart, star of the track team, gorgeous face, perfect body, and popular. But that’s what she wants everyone to see. On the inside, she’s hurt, broken… damaged. She’s experienced inexplicable tragedy that has left her wounded, consumed by her guilt and grief. And she has no idea how to let it all go. Addison is not the girl she once was. She’s now a young woman, with an old soul, who carries a lot of emotional baggage, living her life obsessively by the clock, and hiding her true self behind her perfect fa├žade. The morning she showed up late to her history class and met Mr. Kendrick, was the morning her entire life changed. She knew upon meeting him that she would shamelessly set out to seduce her sexy teacher, making him hers. She became the predator and he her pray.

Mr. McKenrick (Grayson) is Addison’s new history teacher. He’s in his early thirties, gorgeous (think Chris Hemsworth *sigh*), smart, well-traveled, and hip. He’s every girl or woman’s fantasy. He melted my panties then he stole my heart. He came back home after traveling around the world to take care of his ailing father. He took a teaching job at the local high school, until it was time for him to move on again. The last thing he expected was to meet Addison and become ruthlessly pursued by the brazen eighteen year-old.

The moment they meet, there is an instant connection and electrifying spark of attraction. But Grayson does not give into the boldly sexy and persistent Addison… at first. There was nothing creepy about Grayson. He’s not a predator set out to seduce his student. No, the roles were reversed in this situation, which I found interesting. I admired Grayson for trying to stick to his morals, for fighting his sexual attraction to Addison. He questioned the situation, knowing how wrong the situation was. He truly wanted to do the right thing. But the lust and desire between them continued to burn and build, and Grayson soon realizes that resisting the walking temptation named Addison was impossible to fight. He decided to follow his heart. And eventually their teacher-student relationship turns into an illicit love affair full of passion and erotic sex.

“I’ll teach you how to come with a man inside you. Not a boy, Addison, a man.”

If there is one thing I’ve learned about Ella Frank, her writing is lovely, but also oozes sex. She does not pull back from the erotic moments with these two. Not only did I feel the strong sexual tension between them but I wholly titillated by the provocative sex scenes.

As much as the taboo nature of the relationship sets the stage for the story, this is not just a tale about a forbidden affair – this is a tale of true love, trust, heartache, healing, finding themselves, sacrifices and fulfillment. Addison is the one person who could destroy Grayson’s life. But he had a choice. And he made his choice to be with Addison. Grayson was good for Addison. He’s the one person she could find solace and safety in. Being with him, grounded her, and kept the emotional pain she felt at bay. Grayson is the one person who saw her for her. He loved her unconditionally.

As the story smoothly jumps from the past to present, there is a bit of suspense and mystery layered into the storyline. You don’t know where the story is headed or how it’s all going to end. The mystery of it all kept me enthralled to the point that I just could not stop reading. I had to know how it all ends.

Veiled Innocence is a beautiful tale of forbidden love. I fell so hard for the hero and heroine they embedded themselves into my heart. The relationship between Addison and Grayson was fierce, sexy, raw, and edgy. It emotionally touched me on a visceral level. I think readers who love student-teacher romances won’t want to miss this one!


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I am the author of the Exquisite Series, which includes Exquisite, Entice (due in Feb) and Edible (due in Summer 2013).

I am also set to release Blind Obsession in March/April 2013.

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