Review: Reasonable Doubt: Volume 1 by Whitney Gracia Williams


Reasonable Doubt: Volume 1 (Reasonable Doubt #1) by Whitney Gracia Williams
Whitney Gracia Williams (March 31, 2014)

Rating: A-
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Aubrey – Intern, Liar
Hero: Andrew – Lawyer, Hates Liars





Are you kidding me?! This really ended like THAT! Ahhhh! What a damn tease this was! I just want to say that I really dislike serial series. I hate cliffhangers. And I hate waiting. However, I really, really loved this very strong and sexy start to a fabulous new serial series that has me begging for more.

In Reasonable Doubt: Volume One we meet Andrew Hamilton, a successful attorney. He’s sexy as fuck. He’s a jerk. He’s a manwhore. He’s brazen. He’s snarky. He oozes sex. And I fell hard for him. MmmHmm… I just can’t help myself. There is something about a man that wears a suit with a successful career and a filthy mouth that gets me all kinds of hot and bothered.

Andrew has one set of rules; one dinner, one night, no repeats. He has these rules for a reason. He doesn’t do relationships and refuses to build any kind of emotional attachment to anyone. Instead he meets women online for casual sex. He takes them out to dinner, has sex with them, and then moves on.

Then he meets Alyssa in a lawyer’s only chat room. They form an unlikely friendship where they only talk on the phone and text, never meeting in person. They’re friendship is fun, flirty, full of snarky banter, and loaded with tons of sexual tension. Andrew may not have officially met Alyssa yet, he remains true to who he is on the phone and in his text messages.

Eventually Andrew becomes intrigued by this woman, who goes by Alyssa on the phone. He wants to meet her but she refuses him every time he asks. Alyssa aka Aubrey has secrets. She’s not who Andrew thinks she is. And there is nothing Andrew hates more than liars. So when her secret comes out, he’s furious. But he can’t stop himself from being drawn to this woman. The only problem is that she makes him feel things he’s scared to feel.

I adored Aubrey. She’s smart, witty, sexy, and not afraid to put Andrew in his place. Now that her secret is out in the open, the dynamic in their relationship has changed. There was sexual tension before but now there is sexual desire and a burning need to be with each other. And holy panty-melting hotness… these two are explosive together!

Reasonable Doubt consumed me right from the beginning all the way to the heart-stopping cliffhanger. I was wooed and wowed and schmoozed by this unforgettable first episode that I’m still thinking about days later. The characters are well-developed, the dialogue is witty and funny, and the storyline is smart and sexy. I absolutely recommend this serial series for anyone who loves a delicious alpha-hole, beautiful and smart heroine, addictive storyline, and an ending that will leave you salivating for more! And guess what? The second volume comes out on Thursday, April 17th!


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