Review: The Submissive by Tara Sue Me


The Submissive (The Submissive Trilogy #1) by Tara Sue Me
NAL (February 7, 2013)

Rating: C
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Abigail King – Librarian, Submissive
Hero: Nathaniel West – CEO, Dominant
Setting: USA



The Submissive should come with this subtitle: Good girl librarian meets bad boy billionaire. It should probably also have this sub-subtitle directly under that: Cold and distant Dom trains caring and sweet submissive.

New to the lifestyle, Abigail King wants to explore her deepest and darkest sexual kinks. But she only wants to explore them with one person. Nathaniel West. After discovering Mr. West’s predilection for BDSM, Abby decided to do some research on the subject. Once she knew what she was getting into, she submits her application to become his submissive. Embracing dominance and submission, bondage, and pain with her pleasure is worth it to her to be with the man she's admired and longed for for so long. A man who was indirectly responsible for helping her and her mom through an incredibly rough ordeal.

Nathaniel West is full of kinks and quirks. He has a list of do’s and do not’s a mile long… and he’s not willing to compromise on any of them. Traumatized from witnessing his parents horrific deaths, Nathaniel has built a fortress around his emotions and his heart. If you look up tetchy in the dictionary, that is Nathaniel in one word. Cranky? Check. Impatient? Check. Petulant? Check check.  I mean, the guy won't even kiss Abby on the mouth.

And don’t even get me started on the things that constantly came out of that man’s mouth! More than once he had me thinking, ‘What is your damage, Heather?’ (Famous line from the 80s classic Heathers.) Abby should be nominated for sainthood for putting up with his baggage. Dear lord. Submissive or not, I would’ve been driven to violence if he ever said those things to me. Or, at the least, I would’ve walked away very, very quickly and never looked back.

But Nathaniel did seem to have a soft spot for Abby. Occasionally. Rarely. There was a very sweet moment involving roses and poems that had me softening toward him.  Had me believing there were small fissures in his walls. Those sporadic moments of vulnerability kept me interested. Gave me hope.

All in all, The Submissive was a very spicy romance. Abby and Nathaniel have lots of kinky sex that was varied and volatile. And, even though I never quite warmed up to Nathaniel, I did adore Abby. I think my feelings on Nathaniel could change after reading the next book, The Dominant, as it’s told from his POV. It’ll be interesting to see inside that man’s head. Actually understand his reasons and motivations.

Favorite Quote:

I held my hips still, leaned down and nibbled his ear. "I love the way you feel inside me." He missed more notes. "During the week, I fantasize about your cock--how it tastes." I squeezed my inner muscles. "How it feels." His arms shook. "I count the hours until I see you." I rode him slowly. "Until I can be with you like this." His hands fell from the keyboard to grip my ass, trying to push me harder but I held still. "Keep playing."


Thoughts While Reading:

43.0% - "Pace is slowing down..."
45.0% - "That may be the most dickish thing to come out of his mouth yet! OMG. ‘You will not call me by my given name unless unavoidable.’"


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