Review: Beyond Control by Kit Rocha


Beyond Control (Beyond #2) by Kit Rocha
Erotica / Dystopian 
Kit Rocha (March 13, 2013)

Rating: B-
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Alexa Parrino – Fierce and Fiesty
Hero: Dallas O’Kane – Leader of O’Kane Gang, Badass  



Last September I read a book that was dirty and delightful. Beyond Shame blew me away. Erotic Dystopian quickly became a new favorite genre, especially when combined with such a lustful cast of characters. Characters that are dark and kinky and free of inhibitions. I was hooked. And I couldn’t wait for Dallas and Lex’s book, since they played such a big part in Noelle and Jasper’s romance. Plus, let’s be honest here, I wanted to see Declan ‘Dallas’ O’Kane, our fearless leader, loose control.

Beyond Control takes places where Beyond Shame left off… and things are unsettled in all of the sectors since Dallas took out Sector Three’s leader, Wilson Trent. Now they all have to deal with the fallout. Decide what’s going to happen with Sector Three, otherwise those that be in Eden will take it over. And no one wants that.

I really enjoyed getting a better glimpse of what life is like for the different sectors. Their leaders, the dynamic between the sectors, how they came to be. Through Noelle, we learned what life in Eden is like. Through Lex and Dallas, we learn what surviving in the sectors takes. And it takes guts, endurance, a stiff spine, and a certain amount of moral ambiguousness. Lex and Dallas have all of that and more.

I have loved Lex since her first moment on page. Tough and compassionate, she is fiercely loyal to the gang—especially the women. She’s a woman’s woman. She fought to get women into the gang and she continues to fight for them. Their rights, their wants and desires. But Lex has complicated wants and desires of her own. Not to mention a few hang-ups courtesy of her upbringing in Sector Two, where sex is a currency and desire is a weapon. She yearns to submit and she yearns for someone to force her into it. The struggle is a turn on.

Which is perfect because Dallas likes to conquer and dominate. Even though our fearless leader pretends to be an emotionless thug, when it comes to Lex all his emotions come out to play. Lex brings out a softer and yet more primal side of Dallas. And primal Dallas is a sexy, sexy sight. Whew. I loved watching that man unravel. I was happy we got a closer look into the man behind the gang, but I had hoped for more of his past. Who he was before Sector Four.

Dallas and Lex together equaled volatile passion. Those two burn hot or they burn cold. They’re unrestrained in their want of each other. As the King and Queen of Sector Four, they are a perfectly imperfect match. Uncivilized and a touch rough around the edges, when they make love—watch out! Tempers flare as quickly as their lust.

Beyond Control was all about power. Who has it, who wants it. The struggle to get it. The struggle to let it go. The struggle to keep it. Power is sexy. When Dallas has to prove his, reaffirm exactly why he has it all… wow. Shirtless, sweaty, tattoos bunching and twisting as he lays a smack down in the cages… H-O-T. What’s also hot as hades? Miz Rocha’s writing. This book, this series, is all about the sex. And it is explored deeply and thoroughly in wicked, wicked ways.

Favorite Quote:

He'd never been in her like this, but he'd always been in her.
For once, Dallas was a speechless as she felt, his face slack and his eyes almost closed. He dug bruises int oher leg as he stilled, buried deep in her body. Neither of them spoke. Neither of them breathed.
Before she could get air into her lungs, his eyes snapped open, searing the space between them as he skated that hand from the tender flesh of her inner thigh to her even more sensitive clit. His thumb slicked in one slow circle, then another. "I've been waiting forever to feel you coming on my dick."


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