Review: Rock with Me by Kristen Proby


Rock With Me (With Me in Seattle #4) by Kristen Proby
Kristen Proby (April 30, 2013)

Rating: B
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Samantha Williams – Unemployed, Stubborn 
Hero: Leo Nash – Rock Star, Equally Stubborn 

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Samantha Williams is one sassy chick. We first met her in Come Away with Me, in all her bitchy (but well-intended) glory. But the brief glimpses we got of her then are just the tip of the iceberg that is Sam. Sam is a woman used to fending for herself, who doesn't do charity or pity. Even from friends and family. Sam is a self-contained, self-efficient one woman show. To say she has a hard time letting people in and trusting them, well, that’s an understatement. Since most people want to use her for her family connections, Sam has constructed a wall around herself and doesn’t anyone, even her family, in…
Until Leo comes running into her life and doesn’t let her push him away. Leo takes one look at the spitfire that is Sam and doesn't know if he wants to throttle her or cuddle her. Because, dang, the girl could definitely use a cuddle or two. And Leo Nash, tattooed bad boy front man of the band Nash, is not used to the hostility Sam keeps throwing his way. Most women aren’t that hard to talk to, let alone get them into bed. But something about her prickliness calls to him, so he decides to show up at her door one morning to run with her. And keeps showing up every day after.

Sam is not pleased. And Leo couldn’t care less. I loved how these two slowly got to know each other, Leo giving her plenty of time and space when she needed it—and then pushing his way in when she didn’t want to budge. And the more Sam and Leo get to know each other, the more they want each other... and, oh, they want it alright. These two wicked potty mouths can get down and dirty. Down and dirty, I say. Mmmhmm.

"Mmm." He grins and kisses my mouth, softly, playfully. I grip that piercing in my teeth and tug gently, and he smiles some more, moving his fingers quickly.
I moan and squirm beneath him, and gasp as he presses his thumb on my clit.
"I'm not a guitar, you know," I remind him as he continues to torment my labia with those talented fingers.
"Oh, but the sounds you make sunshine," he whispers and buries his face in my neck. I wrap my arms around him. He's pressed againt me, from hip to shoulder, his fingers play me like an instrument, and to my surprise, I come again, violently.

I did have a hard time understanding Sam's trust issues at first though. It was kind of off-putting, the distance she puts between herself and everyone in her life. But I adored Leo because he does NOT let that shit slide. And when he finally makes Sam’s walls crumble… I liked the Sam it revealed a helluva lot.

"You're going to kill us both," she mutters and glares at me.
"No, if I decide to kill you, I'll choke the shit out of you." She has the audacity to laugh.
"Do you think that's the first time I've been threatened with a choking?"
"No, sweetheart, I'm sure that happens on a regular basis. You're so fucking stubborn."

I loved the way Miz Proby kept Sam and Leo’s relationship constantly changing and always honest. There is no bullshit between them. They don’t play games. Sure, they have their issues but it kept their relationship interesting. And even though Sam is one tough cookie, she’s exactly what Leo needed.

He pads into the kitchen, barefoot and bare chested, in just his jeans with the top button undone.
My God, he's delicious.
He smiles smugly as I look him up and down. "Like what you see, sugar?"
"You're okay." I shrug, smirk, and pull four slices of bread from the loaf.
"Don't stroke my ego or anything." He laughs and pulls orange juice from the fridge, pours us each a glass, and leans against the countertop, watching me bustle about his kitchen.
"You're ego doesn't need more stroking. You know you're hot."
He just shrugs and sips his juice. "It means something when you say it."

Rock with Me is so incredibly sexy and more than a little bit naughty. You can’t help but love the way these two fight... and play. One minute they had me fanning myself and the next they had me laughing so hard. I can't wait to be with the next couple in Seattle--Caleb and Brynna! The glimpses we're treated to of them in this book, well, I just wait!

Thoughts While Reading:

18.0% - "Acquaintances to friends to lovers to... not... real quick."
74.0% - "Oh, lord, when these two fight - they fight funny. :-P"


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