Review: Spare Dick by Sarina Wilde


Spare Dick by Sarina Wilde
Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc. (May 8, 2013)

Rating: B
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Jill – Wife, Interested in Threesome 
Hero: Kevin – Husband, Cop 
Hero: Adam – Cop, Partner





Kevin and Jill are high school sweethearts. Though they're still deeply in love (and happy between the sheets), they're looking for some spice. Jill and Kevin are very sexually adventurous, as well as open and honest about what they want in and out of bed. After the very open couple shares some of their fantasies, they decide to try a threesome. Kevin wants to see Jill with another man... and Jill wants to see another man with Kevin too.

But if they're going to do this, Jill wants it to be with a stranger. As a cop, Kevin isn't willing to take the risk with a man they don't know. Instead, Kevin decides to ask his new partner, a man that Jill hasn't met yet. Kevin and Adam have bonded on the job and become good friends. They trust each other. It also helps that Adam  is attracted to both Jill and Kevin.

And what was a very hot threesome in a hotel quickly becomes something more. Something incredibly sexy, a little bit kinky, and a whole lot tender. I like how all of the party's involved are into each other, so there's no one-sided feelings or disjointed affections. A threesome fits them naturally.

Spare Dick. Oh, what a title, right? Still, don’t judge a book by it’s crazy but apt title. Within these pages is a lot of hot – kinky mĂ©nages of the MFM and MMF variety, with some solo MM thrown in. There is also a lot of heart – these characters get to know each other beyond the bedroom and the emotions between them felt real and deep. And there is a good dose of action – having the two main hero’s be cops and partners, solving cases, added excitement as well as eroticism.

Favorite Quote:

“I need you,” she whispered, moving restlessly against his hand.
“Let me make you come first,” he returned then dipped his mouth to taste hers
The friction of his chest against her nipples, and his fingers pumping just the right spot were all it took. She broke away from his kiss, arching into him and crying out.
“God, yes!” Kevin growled. “I want to hear you scream that same way with
“And watch?”
He shivered. Jill knew pleasure caused it, saw it in his face. “Fuck me,” she
demanded, her body still throbbing and ready to climax again. Tonight would be here soon enough. For now it was her and Kevin. They’d explored their sexuality together from the beginning. Adding Adam would simply reveal another facet. Kevin nudged her thighs apart with his and thrust


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