Review: Not Until You Part III & IV by Roni Loren


Not Until You Part III: Not Until You Crave by Roni Loren 
InterMix (June 25, 2013)

Not Until You Part IV: Not Until You Trust by Roni Loren 
InterMix (July 2, 2013)


Rating: B+
Heat: Hot

Cela Medina – Sheltered, Inexperienced 
Hero: Ian Foster – Dominant, Reluctant 

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Well, this story keeps getting better and better the deeper into it we go! Foster – I adore you so much…

In Not Unitl You Crave, reality starts to intrude. And nothing is quite as shocking as your brother seeing you do the walk of shame. Having to face her big brother immediately after her night with Foster forces Cela to deal with the truth: that what she and Foster had was only a one night stand. It can't be more. Cela's innocent and inexperienced, not to mention leaving in a few weeks, and Foster is all dark needs and dominance and control. Even if Cela submitted so beautifully, she's still vanilla. Foster’s been down that road one too many times.

In Not Until You Trust, Cela finally gets a taste of what it'd really be like to be with Foster. After days of trying to avoid each other, neither one can stay away. A lonely night, a little bit of confusion that makes Foster's possessive side rear up, and Cela is introduced to Foster's dark side. And, while in the dark, they get to know each other better. But that doesn’t change the fact that there's only one week left till she moves, so fantastic night with a flogger aside, they need to say goodbye…

Oh, how these two drive me crazy (in a good way)! The more that we discover about Cela and Foster, the more I want these two to figure it out. I’m really looking forward to Cela getting out from under her father’s thumb… and Foster letting go of his past failed relationships. These two need fresh starts. And, of course, I can’t wait to see everything Foster has to offer Cela. The man is all hard angles and steely control—and Cela is all softness and sweet submission. A perfect match. When they both finally give in… watch out! It will be beautiful and sizzling!


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