Review: Afterburn by Sylvia Day


Afterburn by Sylvia Day
Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin (August 15, 2013)

Rating: A
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Gianna Rossi – Hardworking, Still in love with Jax
Hero: Jackson Rutledge – Playboy, Mysterious






Gianna Rossi is protégé to a powerful and successful restaurateur. For the last year she has been learning the ropes, putting in her hours. Gianna’s pretty much married to her career… Or avoiding men and dating because her heart hasn't mended. Even though she’s a confident, bold, smart, and goal-oriented heroine who's not afraid to play with the big boys, there’s one boy who broke her heart and she hasn’t moved on yet.

Because when Jackson Rutledge breaks things, he does a thorough job. Jackson and Gia spent five weeks together full of passionate sex and tender words and sweet promises. Until he just didn't show up one day. Jackson is a sensual, erotic mystery. He's obviously damaged by his family but there's so much still unknown. What we do know? Jackson is a beast in bed and when he's fucking, he makes you think words like raw and primal and rutting. Seriously. Raw. Primal. Rutting. He’ll make your panties drop the moment he walks on the page with that confident swagger of his. *sigh*

Because, let’s face it—Sylvia Day knows how to write a hero, am I right? First Alistair Caulfield (Seven Years to Sin) then Gideon Cross (Bared to You) and now… hello Jackson Rutledge! If I want to read a book with a sexy hero, who’s chock full of carnality and sensuality, that will leave me utterly breathless and totally turned on—there is no one hotter than Alistair, Gideon, and Jackson.


Then, I saw him.
Everything in me stilled, as if the predator couldn't see me if I didn't move. He came into the bar with a sultry stride that made my hands curl into fists beneath the tablecloth. That walk of his was easy and smooth, confident. And yet it somehow signaled to the female brain that he was packing heat between those long, strong legs and knew how to use it.
God, did he.

I also appreciated the loving family dynamic of the Rossi clan. Gianna has a great family and great brothers. They’re a very tight-knit bunch, as opposed to Jackson's family which comes across cold, calculating and all-business. Someone needs to show Jackson what love is… and I think the perfect person for the job is Gia.

Afterburn will utterly seduce you. Be prepared to be completely emerged into the cutthroat world of restaurants and restaurateurs. They say you should never mix business and pleasure, but I think Gianna and Jackson prove that sometimes it’s very, very okay to do so. There is a bit of a cliffhanger and, yeah, waiting three months for the next installment is a major downer but what can you do? It's worth the wait.


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