Review: Beyond Pain by Kit Rocha


Beyond Pain (Beyond #3) by Kit Rocha
Erotica / Dystopian
Kit Rocha (August 22, 2013)

Rating: B+
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Six – Fighter, Learning to Trust 
Hero: Brendan Donnelly – Enjoys Pain, Former Eden Military Police 






The Six in Beyond Pain is not the angry, volatile, and scared girl we met in Beyond Shame. Since being taken in by the O’Kane gang, Six has been learning, evolving, strengthening. Thanks in large part to Bren, who seems to understand exactly what she needs: freedom and the ability to protect herself. Although having a big, hulking, tattooed hottie like Bren also keep an eye out for you isn’t so bad either. Especially when his watchful gaze happens to get Six all hot and bothered.

Brendan Donnelly is the quiet, broody one of the O’Kane bunch. After being burned by those that be in Eden, Bren is still carrying a ton of guilt around. He’s also hell-bent on revenge against the man who did him terribly wrong. While some think his need for pain is a result of abuse that happened while he was in Eden, that’s not the truth at all. As is the case with quite a few O’Kane members—he simply likes what he likes. And one thing he likes even more than pain is Six.

Bren is not your usual hero. At all. For one, you have this big, strong man who gets off on pain – being subjected to pain – but he’s definitely not submissive. And even though he very much likes to control and dominate, he doesn't want Six submissive either. He wants her to give herself to him each time, instead of him taking it. Which is good because Six isn't the norm either. She's been hurt – badly – and has a hard time embracing her kinkier side. Because of her past, she really doesn’t know her own worth. With Bren, she's able to let it all go and just enjoy her sexuality. Discover her womanly powers that never fail to bring Bren to his knees.

Trust plays a big part in Bren and Six’s relationship. They’ve taken the time to build it slowly, friends before lovers. Which is important since they both have been burned in the past. And it also comes in handy when Dallas asks them to work together in Sector 3. They have to rely on each other, trust each other’s judgment. I loved seeing them break down each others walls.

And, as I’ve come to know and love about Kit Rocha, Beyond Pain is full of steamy, highly erotic scenes. Lots of them. There’s something for everyone to enjoy: voyeurism, exhibitionism, ménages (of all sorts of delightful combinations), masochism—you name it, these wild O’Kane’s enjoy it. Even though Six and Bren fall under the “tame” category compared to other gang members (I’m looking at you, Lex and Dallas!), they know how to heat things up just fine with only the two of them actually participating.

Though Beyond Pain is Bren and Six’s story, we do get points-of-view from other members. Dallas and Lex. Ace, Cruz, and Rachel. Miz Rocha teases us with a final scene at the end in Cruz's POV, and let me tell you—it's everything we've been waiting for and more! *fans myself* Beyond Jealousy is going to be outrageously hot. Can. Not. Wait!


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