Review: On Location by Sindra van Yssel


On Location (Submission Island #2) by Sindra van Yssel
Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc. (July 31, 2013)

Rating: B+
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Teresa – Location Scout, Curious
Hero: Kyle – Dominant, Recluse






Well, it was wonderful to visit Submission Island again. What is Submission Island? It’s a lovely tropical retreat for those a little (or a lot) kinky. The fact that this time it was with Kyle? The Master with a sadistic side? That just made it even more fun than my first trip. There was something intense and alluring about the former Australian Special Air Service member from the moment he appeared and I wanted his story—badly. On Location didn't disappoint at all.

Teresa lands on the island not for pleasure but for work. A location scout for Hollywood, she's there to take photos and write notes. See if Submission Island would work for the Odyssey movie she’s scouting for. Which is all well and good until she meets Kyle. Even though its obvious he doesn't want her or her coworker there, Teresa’s still drawn to him. And, for a woman perpetually drawn to the bad boys, Teresa thinks she might just have found the baddest bad boy of all.

Except nothing about Kyle is boyish. He's all man and he is all demands and commands. He wants what he wants and isn't afraid to take it. He likes to give pain as much as pleasure. After retiring from the SAS, Kyle has become a bit of recluse. He never leaves the island, so his sexual conquests are always the submissive women who come for a kinky vacation. And, even though he's attracted to Teresa, he's not sure she can handle him and all his wicked desires.

Teresa and Kyle have fun proving each other wrong… and right. I enjoyed watching them unravel each other sexually and emotionally. Kyle liberates Teresa's inhibitions while she loosens the vise around his heart. She helps him fight the demons left over from war while Kyle enlightens her to the freedom in submission. I liked the balance of super kinky fun and meaningful emotions. And by super kinky fun, I mean it. Kyle and Teresa try it all—riding crops, cat o’ nine tails, canes, ropes, and more. Kyle knows how to wield them all expertly too. *wink*

On Location is a perfect destination romance for those who love a little kink. I’m beyond captivated by the setting and the characters and the way that Miz Yssel explores BDSM. She never takes away from the intensity but it all comes across… fun. Since Miz Yssel granted my last wish and made Kyle’s book next, I think this time I’m wishing for Roger. Bring on the kinky shrink!


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