Review: Reckless by Skye Jordan


Reckless (Renegades #1) by Skye Jordan
Cygnet Books (August 23, 2013)

Rating: B+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Lexi LaCroix – Designer, Determined 
Hero: Jax Chamberlin – Stuntman, Divinely Sexy 






Jax Chamberlin owns a stunt business called Renegades. He’s also a former movie star, who is well-connected to Hollywood, but gave up that superficial world for the excitement and thrill that comes with being a stuntman. He rides motorcycles (swoon!), jumps off bridges and buildings, fights, and rides horses. Jax is a bad ass wrapped up in leather and jeans. He has been used by women in the past for his connections in the movie business and was recently betrayed by a woman he was dating, who revealed his pillow talk secrets. To add fuel to the fire, he lost a huge contract because of this. Now he finds himself unable to trust women easily, for fear they only want him for his well-known connections. Jax wants to settle down and start a family but feels jaded that the right woman will never come along.

Lexi LaCroix is a couture wedding dress designer to the rich and famous. Growing up poor meant Lexi had to make her own clothes. Through blood, sweat, and tears, she has clawed her way to the top. As one of the world’s most renowned bridal gown designers, she’s well-known in the fashion world, yet tries to stay out of the limelight. Appearance is everything in this business, which means she must maintain a certain image. Because of her beauty, she’s been used as arm candy and almost lost her business because she rejected her ex-boyfriend. Now Lexi has trust issues with men and is weary about whom she dates. One wrong move and she could lose everything.

Lexi and Jax’s worlds collide in an unconventional yet interesting way. They first lay heated eyes on each other at the airport drop off. Lexi is drawn to Jax’s rugged good looks that scream BAD BOY. Lexi needs to let go and be free. Reckless. Spontaneous. And she really needs to get laid. Bad. She decides to test a new app for her best friend Rubi by sending Jax sexy and flirty text messages, when she sees him again at the same terminal. Jax has been intrigued by the unknown woman bold enough to flirt with him via text messaging and wants to meet her at a hotel so they can finish what they started. However, Lexi has a stipulation: she wants the lights off while they are together. Jax agrees to her terms. Who needs light when you have a man with skilled fingers and a talented mouth. Their first time together is fierce but not enough for them to be satisfied. So, they decide to spend the night together, which leads to having wild, dirty, blistering, and passionate sex.

“I’m going to give you hard and fast to relieve you. We’ve got all night to explore the many different kinds of orgasms that exist. And no, baby, they’re not all the same.”

Oh. My. God. *fanning myself*

But they also connect on personal level. Because of their connection, Jax isn’t ready to give up Lexi. He wants to continue the love affair back in LA. Lexi denies him for fear she would be shunned since Jax doesn’t fit into the social mold of her world. Lexi’s been offered a life-changing opportunity to expand her business and can’t risk the chance. Jax is hurt by this, and doesn’t like it, but respects her wishes hoping she will change her mind but… she doesn’t. Lexi goes back to LA and works hard trying to meet deadlines - all while feeling like she’s made a big mistake letting Jax go. Little does Lexi know, Jax has the same connections and could fit into that world, but chooses to stay true to himself.

There is nothing like a sinfully hot hero with a huge heart. I loved how Jax had no idea what Lexi looked like but wanted her anyway. He wanted her for her, not the way she looked. She is the right woman for him, yet unattainable. Though Jax wants to respect Lexi’s wishes, he just can’t stay away and decides that she is worth chasing. When Jax reaches out to her, will Lexi continue to sacrifice everything for her career or follow her heart’s desire?

WOW-WEE! This book was super sexy and fun! Lexi and Jax have some explosive chemistry. There is a bad case of insta-love but the writing is solid, so that made it easy to get past that. Skye Jordan made my mouth water and drool with the delectable sex scenes. I was in dire need of my hubby’s attention when I was done. I love how the romance is mature. It was easy to connect with the characters and become invested in their lives. They both had doubts and worries that were understandable. And finally, I really love a good build up to an incredible ending that gives me tingles of happiness on the last page.

Reckless was an unexpected sweet and sexy surprise with its explosive chemistry, mouthwatering sexy times, awesome secondary characters, delicious alpha hero, sweet and determined heroine, flirtatious banter, real emotions, and great writing. If you want a little bit of sweet with your dirty, I absolutely recommend this book! Which leads me to wondering… When the hell is the next book in the Renegade series coming out? I have a taste for sexy alpha Renegades and I want that book BAD!


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