Review: His Wicked Games by Ember Casey


His Wicked Games (His Wicked Games #1) by Ember Casey
Ember Casey (June 5, 2013)

Rating: B-
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Lily Frazer – Relentless, Non-Profit Worker
Hero: Calder Cunningham – Playboy, Billionaire’s Son






Lily Frazer is in desperate need of funds to keep her father’s nonprofit art education center open. They thought they were good for the next four years, until their biggest donor passes away... and his son withdraws the donation. And Lily will not take no for an answer. She lives, eats, and breathes the center. She has a one track mind. Trespassing on private property is the least of what she's willing to do to get rich playboy Calder Cunningham to give them back the money.

But the man who tackles her to the ground in the rain isn't the Calder she was expecting. More than a few days unshaved, in clothes that didn't cost thousands of dollars, the man she meets almost seems… normal. Until he opens his big, sexy mouth that is. Calder is arrogant, entitled, spoiled—you name it. But he's also maddeningly sexy and charismatic. When he proposes ways Lily could win the money back, games filled with sexual tension and a dash of fun, it’s hard for her to say no. I would've screamed, “hell yes!”

“My restraint only goes so far,” he says. His eyes bore into mine. “I want you, Lily. I want to fuck you until you can’t move, until you can’t think, until you’ve forgotten everything else but me. It won’t be gentle. If you don’t want that, then tell me, and I’ll leave this car. But if I stay… I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to control myself.”

These two were a lot of fun. The games—how can you not love a super hot adult version of hide and seek? I would love to play with Calder. Period. Sexy, arrogant man. Mmm. The setting—being stranded due to bad weather, in a mansion with hidden passages and a sometimes-grumpy heir. It all adds up to some sexy fun.

My only complaint is Lily. And her doggedly persistent pursuit of that donation. It was tiresome at times and, honestly, didn't make me terribly fond of her. I get that she's passionate but, c’mon, it’s his money. His prerogative to say no. That doesn't make him an ass. Lily needed to put on her big girl pants and let – it – go.

His Wicked Games was a sexy, fun romance. A quick read, perfect for a lazy, rainy day. Calder and Lily’s games had me captivated from the beginning. If you’re looking for a story full of hot sexy scenes and naughty games, give this one a try!


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