Review: Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost


Twice Tempted (Night Prince, #2) by Jeaniene Frost
Avon (March 26, 2013)

Rating: B+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Leila – Wields Electricity, Human 
Hero: Vlad – Wields Fire, Vampire 






Warning: If you haven’t read Once Burned yet, you will read spoilers from that book in my review.

My favorite cranky Vampire is baaaaaack and I loved every minute of it. I do admit, I don’t read as much paranormal romance or urban fantasy as I used to. I generally stick with my favorite authors in those genres now. Jeaniene Frost is still one of my favorite go-to authors for when I want to read a well-written urban fantasy with a huge splash of romance. She does this genre well. Even though I’m a bit miffed about the last two Cat & Bones books, I will continue to stay loyal to this author. She has a way with writing enthralling, action-packed stories that include bad-ass heroines, sexy alpha vampires, sizzling sex, and snarky humor – a perfect blend of everything I enjoy in a paranormal romance.

“He was impolite while making a point? This is Vlad the Impaler. His points usually come at the end of a long pole.”

Twice Tempted picks up pretty much where Once Burned ended. After the big show down between Leila, Vlad, and the evil Mihaly Szilagyl, who is now presumed dead, life in castle Romania is a bit uneasy between Leila and Vlad. When these two become lovers in Once Burned, Vlad warns Leila not to fall in love with him. He will give her passion, honesty, and monogamy, but he can’t give her love. And, quite frankly, Leila is perturbed by this now that she’s gone and fallen in love with the vampire and wants all of him – the good, the bad, and the impaler. However, I think the impaler part she could live without.

So, at dinner one night, after Vlad’s been distant, he decides to propose in front of his friends and family to make Leila a vampire. Not his wife. Oh boy. Leila was not happy. Angry and hurt, Leila decides she’s had enough. If she can’t have Vlad’s love, then she can no longer stay with him. She flees back to the states to reunite with Marty, her best friend and father-like figure, hoping to rejoin the circus. But, when someone tries to kill Leila by blowing up a trailer, she then realizes she is in grave danger of being killed. Vlad, worried Leila might be dead, comes looking for her. When the threat of danger becomes Leila’s reality, Vlad finds a way to rescue Leila, and then takes her back to the castle where they encounter more drama craziness and must now face their feelings head on after the breakup.

Vlad made a sound too harsh to be a growl. "You won't be satisfied until you've brought me to my knees, is that it?"
"Why not?" It shot out of me with all the recklessness of my still-broken heart. "You brought me to mine.”

I had such a fantastic time reading this book. What I liked the most was going deep inside Vlad and Leila’s relationship issues. The is a very unique and entertaining couple, who has definitely met their match in one another. When these two go toe-to-toe, look out because you might find yourself either electrocuted by Leila or set on fire by Vlad. These two hot heads are stubborn and fierce. Leila does not give up on Vlad, no matter how infuriating the cranky, arrogant vampire can be.

Vlad has lived for over 500 years and has done some merciless things in his past that he’s not sure Leila would understand. But Leila is determined and stubborn enough to not take no for an answer. She knows Vlad has a long history of violence and ruthlessness, being he is the Dark Prince who impales anyone who betrays him, and it's all part of what gives him respect from his people and enemies. Respect is important to Vlad while ruling over so many people. So, in order for Leila to get inside Vlad’s heart and head, and to really know the true him, she finds a way to see what truly makes up this complicated man. And Vlad is definitely the epitome of complicated. He’s infuriating, domineering, cocky, brutal, and just as stubborn as Leila. He’s also passionate and smoking hot between the sheets. Miz Frost is notorious for writing SEX – hot, steamy, combustible, sizzling sex.

I loved watching Leila finally break down Vlad’s defenses. No, actually she blows them up – that’s the kind of gal Leila is. Leila is definitely perfect for Vlad, who would never expect anything less from her. And, once those barriers come down, we finally get to see Vlad in all his glory. Once you go Vlad, you will never leave him ever again. Have I mentioned he is an alpha-hole? Oh, but what a glorious hunky alpha-hole he is. I’m definitely crushing.

Although, what truly shined and stood out the most for me in Twice Tempted was getting to know Leila and Vlad on a more personal level, I thought the whole story with the mystery and action to be thrilling and exciting as well. The evil villain in the plot wasn’t overly villainous, but it was still an interesting mystery that kept me turning the pages. Everything came together nicely in this book. I loved the world-building, the secondary characters, the romance, and the overall storyline. I’m definitely excited for the third installment in this trilogy. I can see a magnificent conclusion to this entire story that involves lots of electricity and fire. I can’t wait.


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