Review: Lick by Kylie Scott


Lick (Stage Dive #1) by Kylie Scott
Contemporary / New Adult 
Momentum (July 1, 2013)

Rating: B+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Evelyn Thomas – Good Girl, Organized
Hero: David Ferris – Rock Star, Charming  



There is nothing like a super sexy rocker romance. Tatted, bad boy rock star marries good girl in Vegas... it's a no brainer, I had to read it. I made a brilliant choice too. Lick is a rockin’ good time with its well written, original plot and sparkling characters that I fell in love with. Kylie Scott wrote a story that sucked me in on page one and kept me enthralled all the way to the end.

Not everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Evelyn Thomas learns this lesson the hard way when she wakes up on a strange bathroom floor, hung-over, wearing a huge diamond ring, and the name David tattooed on her left butt cheek. She then meets her new husband, named David, when he wakes up and announces they are married. She remembers taking tequila shots with her BFF and now… she’s married. Overwhelmed, shocked, and hung-over is a dangerous combination. She vomits. Who knew this good girl had it in her to do something so extreme as to marry a hot, tattooed, rock star in Vegas.

David Ferris is upset that Evelyn doesn't remember their night together. He didn't realize she was that drunk. He thought they really had something between them. But Evelyn has no memories of the night before. She didn't even realize he was the famous rhythm guitarist for the popular band, Stage Dive. Evelyn is distraught knowing she has made a huge mistake, gives David back his ring, and flees home to Portland hoping to get the marriage annulled without anyone ever finding out. But the news of their marriage traveled fast to the paparazzi and now everyone in the world knows.

Evelyn had life plans and they definitely did not include getting married to a rock star in Vegas. Her plans may have been shot to hell, but she has a new plan. Get a divorce. But now she is being harassed by the media. Her parents are freaking out. She’s freaking out. So, when David proposes she come to LA to hide from the media until the marriage is annulled, she decides it’s the best solution to solve this problem. She soon learns that she is way out of her element, and in over her head, when gets more than she ever bargained for in LA and in David.

Evelyn is country. David is rock and roll. These two may come from different worlds, but they fit perfectly together. They end up spending some alone time together at David’s home in Monterey, where they get to know each other. Evelyn wants to remember what happened between them in LV. David tells her why he fell for her. She’s real to him. She keeps him grounded and makes him want to be a better person. David made me swoon with his honesty. Evelyn thinks she’s too curvy. He loves her curves. She doesn’t think she’s good enough for him. He thinks she’s perfect. The attraction between them grows stronger and becomes more intense, so they decide to stay married and see where things go between them.

But, like any new relationship, there are ups and downs. They struggle with jealousy, trust issues, acceptance, David's 'rock n roll' status, and misunderstandings. And, to top it off, David is closed off, keeping his secrets close. But when this secret rears its ugly head, things between them take a dive. This is a pivotal moment in the book that changes everything in their lives. My heart was in my throat. I was an emotional mess and couldn’t put the book down. I had to see where this part of the story was going. Before anything can get better, they must experience heartache first.

“They’re love songs, baby. Love isn’t always smooth or straightforward. It can be messy and painful,” he said. “Doesn’t mean it isn’t still the most incredible thing that can ever happen to you. Doesn’t mean I’m not crazy about you.”

The best part of the story was the amazing chemistry between David and Evelyn. They had a lot of good times together with lots of playful banter that had me snorting and laughing aka snaughling. They communicate, handling the situation, despite the fact they rushed into marriage so soon. They were mature about things. Refreshing! And, of course, they also have lots sexy times together that got me all hot and bothered. As it turns out, boring, inexperienced Evelyn is a wild cat when she unleashes her sexual energy on David. There was definitely no boring sexy times between these two. David and Evelyn got their freak on anywhere and everywhere. They are so incredibly sexy and passionate together.

My blood felt fever hot, surging through me, burning beneath my skin. I fit my mouth to his, wanting more. Wanting it all. The wet of his mouth and the skill of his tongue. All of him. No one kissed like David. As though kissing me beat breathing, eating, sleeping or anything else he might have otherwise planned to do with the rest of his life.

By the end of the story, both David and Evelyn have a lot of character growth. I couldn't have asked for a better ending. David truly comes through for Evelyn in so many ways. Sigh. I love that sexy rock star to pieces. So, even though they had to work hard for it, they do get their happy ending that will make your heart smile.

Lick is the first book in the Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott. This book made me say 'hell yeah' when I was done. I love emotional reads and this book evoked a lot of emotions. I love the witty humor. I love the fabulous secondary characters introduced. And I really love the strong and sassy heroine and the swoon-worthy rock star that has a charming and sweet side. I am super excited for the next book in the series. I'm hoping for Mal's book next. I love that sexy-ass drummer. I'm dying to know his secrets.


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