Review: The Capri Killer by Saranna DeWylde


The Capri Killer: Part Four of Ride of the Darkyrie by Saranna DeWylde
Urban Fantasy
Sea Goddess Books (April 10, 2013)

Rating: A
Heat: Warm

Heroine: Brynn Hill – Cop, Darkyrie
Hero: Jason Grimes – Cop, Partner
Hero: The Cross – Siren, Seeking Revenge

*This is a serial series, part four of four. My reviews of the previous parts: Part One: Waking the Queen and Part Two: A Siren’s Song and Part Three: The Hunter.

You can buy the complete set, Ride of the Darkyrie: Parts 1-4, here.



Ride of the Darkyrie is magical. A dark and magical world filled with anti-heroes you can't help but root for and a heroine who kicks more butt than any of the fellas. Each and every installment has drawn me in and wrapped me completely up in its twisted web. Unique and compelling, filled with blood and gore, murder and mystery, this is a must-read for all dark urban fantasy lovers.

When we last left Brynn in The Hunter, we found out exactly who the Capri killer is. Brynn now knows who it is and the hunt is on. The Capri killer might not be the biggest or baddest foe that she’s ever faced, but people she cares about are still in danger. Especially when the killer decides to take a hostage. In order to not repeat past mistakes, Brynn is going to have to use both sides of her: Brynn and Helreginn.

And, in The Capri Killer, she does. Brynn let's go of some of the shackles that bind her. Embraces both sides of her, the human and the darykrie. I like where her character is going, the way she's evolving. Brynn is, hands down, one of the most complicated and interesting heroines I've ever read. She's good and bad equally and, sometimes, letting the good win is a struggle for her. But it is her choice... She's the hunter and everyone else is they prey. It’s not easy for her to be from two different worlds, but she’s making it work the best that she can.

Also good and bad equally is Stavros, my lovely and brutal Siren. The small bits of him (although, ahem, from what Brynn could feel is not so small at all…) revealed in this installment had my full attention. Anything and everything Stavros, I gobble it up—greedy for more. It never feels like there is enough Stavros. And, after this installment, it’s clear that Brynn and him are spiraling toward something—tragic and painful or beautiful and surprising. Maybe both. I can't wait to experience it either way.

Even though things with the Capri killer may be resolved, Brynn has brought down a world of trouble upon herself. When one problem gets solved, two more spring up for her. I’m very anxiously awaiting the continuation of this series. The way that Miz DeWylde has written this cast of characters—from a heroine who, despite all her powers and immortality, is still an underdog, to a hero would would as soon kiss her as kill her, to demon and vampire gang leaders… I’m hooked! More, please!


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