Review: Not Until You Part I & II by Roni Loren


Not Until You Part I: Not Until You Dare by Roni Loren 
InterMix (June 11, 2013)

Not Until You Part II: Not Until You Risk by Roni Loren 
InterMix (June 18, 2013)


Rating: B+
Heat: Hot


Heroine: Cela Medina – Sheltered, Inexperienced 
Hero: Ian Foster – Dominant, Reluctant 




Marcela ‘Cela’ Medina is a newly graduated veterinary doctor. For seven years, all she has focused on is her education. And all work and no play has made Cela a boring, boring girl. That and growing up in a strict household. Letting loose and having fun doesn’t come easy to her. Her one naughty vice? She listens to her two hot neighbors going at it—solo, with a random woman, or in a threesome.

One of her neighbors, Ian Foster, is always in suits and ties. He looks like all business—in and out of the bedroom. And, just like Cela has always had her eye (and ear) on Ian, he’s always had a thing for his innocent and vanilla neighbor. Though he knows his proclivities aren’t what the innocent graduate wants or needs (as he’s a member of the bdsm club, The Ranch, from Roni Loren’s Loving on the Edge series).

In Part One: Until You Dare, Cela decides that she wants to live it up before leaving the big city to return to her hometown. Where she’ll work at her family's vet practice, date the guy her parents want, and generally have the rest of her life planned out. To celebrate her graduation, Ian and his roommate, Pike (a sexy drummer!), take Cela out for a night of fun. The three get to know each other while dancing and playing Never Have I Ever. It’s a night full of teasing touches, hot kisses, and raging libidos. But only so much can take place in a club...

In Part Two: Until You Risk, things move from the dance floor to the bedroom. Wanting a night of checking off a ton of her Never Have I Ever's, Cela agrees to go to a hotel with Foster and Pike. What starts out as a mind-blowingly hot threesome quickly grows into so much more. Foster and Cela explore needs she never knew she had, and Foster never planned on showing.

Can I be honest? Me and serial romances have a love/hate relationship. They’re one long, drawn out tease! And nobody likes a tease, right? *wink* But, well, when the writing is fantastic and the characters are lovable and the romance is scorching… I’ll make an exception. Roni Loren’s Not Until You is worth the week long wait in between installments. Plus, who better to make a tease worth it in the end than an author who doubles as a Mistress with a pen? If anyone can make delayed satisfaction worth it, it’s Roni! Plus, there is my weakness for sexy, dominant older men… so, if that’s your thing too, you’ll love Foster!


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