Review: Crave by Monica Murphy


Crave (Billionaire Bachelors Club Series #1) by Monica Murphy
Avon Impulse (August 6, 2013)

Rating: B
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Ivy Emerson – Interior Designer, Younger
Hero: Archer Bancroft – Hotel Magnate, Commitment-phobe




I absolutely adored Monica Murphy’s first two books, One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend (Drew Callahan, I adore you!), so when I heard that Miz Murphy was giving bad boy billionaires a go, I thought, ‘Sign me up, please!’

And Archer Bancroft does not disappoint. A man that comes from money, Archer has made his own way by becoming a hotel and resort magnate in his own right. He has it all—money, success, and lots of lady loves. Archer absolutely refuses to settle down. But he has always had a thing for his best friend’s younger sister. Not that he’d do anything about it.

Ivy Emerson, who all the boys think of as 'just Ivy', is an interior designer with a bad case of Humpty Dumpty syndrome. She likes the broken guys, the ones that just beg to be fixed. Archer is so far past broken that she knows she can't fix him. Unfortunately, that’s never stopped her from noticing how handsome he is and how women flock to his side. A side she wouldn’t mind snuggling up against.

When Archer and his buddies put a million dollars on the line—to be given to the last single man standing—all bets are off. For a man so adamant that relationships aren’t for him, Archer spends his days making couples happy. His adults-only resorts are romantic escapes designed to bring couples together. When Archer decides to open a new resort, he has just the interior designer in mind… And he plans on keeping her close while she works for him. Very close.

Crave is a fast paced story with an equally fast developing romance that is full of heat and friction. Once these two give in, there is no stopping them. Archer and Ivy dive head first between the sheets and then let the emotions quietly work their way in. Feelings that sneak up on them both. I wish there had been more emphasis on Archer and Ivy’s back story—who they are as characters, what makes them tick alone and as a couple… but, seriously, the chemistry between them will still knock your socks off. And I love a hero who thinks he’s so tough and unreachable when really, deep down, he’s a closet snuggler with a serious soft side.


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