Review: Welcome to Sugartown by Carmen Jenner


Welcome to Sugartown (Sugartown #1) by Carmen Jenner
Carmen Jenner (November 3, 2013)

Rating: A-
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Ana Belle – Baker, Virgin 
Hero: Elijah Cade – Biker, Dark Secrets






Well, spank my ass, this story was flipping awesome! My world has been rocked by Carmen Jenner's debut book, Welcome to Sugartown. It had it all: smoking hot Aussie hero with tats (Elijah is mine! *wink*), sassy heroine, snappy humor, awesome secondary characters (Holly - I loved that crazy girl!), emotional turmoil, shocking twists, dirty secrets, and the one thing my romance junkie heart must have - fierce chemistry. I inhaled this book. I want more.

Nineteen year old Ana Belle has lived in Sugartown her whole life. She’s been stamped the town whore because her ex-boyfriend, who is a total asshole, spread some vicious rumors about her. Yet she's a virgin. Go figure. She dreams of escaping this town and doing more than run her deceased mother’s bakery, bake pies, raise her little brother (not that she doesn’t love him to bits, because she truly does), and putting up with the town people calling her a slut. She desires excitement in her life. She wants more.

“Oh, sweet mother of god. I’ve never wanted to lick anyone’s bicep before, but even from across the street I can see how edible this guy is.”

That MORE ends up riding into town one day looking for a job at a mechanic shop, in a sexy package named Elijah Cade. Electricity sparked the moment these two meet. Ana doesn’t want to get mixed up with another bad boy, but her traitorous mind and body refuse to listen. Elijah tries really hard to resist Ana. First of all, she's a virgin. Secondly, she's his boss' daughter. Yet, with the crazy desire between them, it was just a matter of time before they gave into their attraction for one another and a relationship is formed. And so the deliciously sexy and heartbreaking story between the feisty pie maker and the bad boy biker begins.

“Come on, Cade, you and me, naked in a room together? That spells disaster.”
“No, baby, that spells fucking incredible sex.”

Elijah and Ana's relationship barely had a chance to develop when Elijah's dark past rears its ugly head. Ana is put in a situation where she's been frightened, shocked, hurt and angry. Ana is confused and doesn't know what to do and needs time. Which then leads to some very bad decision making on Elijah’s part. Elijah broke my fucking heart. It’s hard to stay mad at Elijah though. He’s easy to love and he stole my heart with his heartbreaking story. He hasn’t had the easiest life but he fights hard to atone for his mistakes.

The first half of this book is sweet and sassy. The second half of the book punched me in the gut. Dark things happen. This couple’s journey to happiness is a tumultuous ride. They’ve got a lot to overcome, but they persevere and fight through it all. Ana amazed me with her strength, considering everything she went through in this book. Life can be a cruel bitch sometimes and Ana experienced this first hand.

Welcome to Sugartown is intense, gritty, raw, funny, snarky, sad, heartwarming, and damn hot. I think the cover of this book is deceptive. I honestly thought I was going to be reading something light and fluffy. Hell no. This book starts out light and fun and then goes full throttle with shockingly dark twists and drama that made my gut clench. This book truly pulls at all your emotions. Miz Jenner has gained a new fan with her snappy and edgy writing style that captures your attention. I'm officially hooked and can't wait to read more in this series. I'm thinking Holly's book is next, and man, I can only imagine the emotional heartache that will come with her story, what with the little twist Jenner through in this book.


  1. Thanks for an amazing review, Paula! I'm absolutely giddy that you enjoyed it so much!! :)

    1. You're welcome, Carmen! I truly loved this book! <3


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