Review: Don't Let Go by Skye Warren


Don't Let Go (Dark Erotica #4) by Skye Warren
(November 11th, 2013)

Rating: A
Heat: Sizzling

Heroine: Samantha Holmes – Junior FBI Agent, Scarred
Hero: Ian Hennessy – FBI Agent, Enigma




Heed all warnings about this book: dubious consent, captivity, bondage, violence, forced submission, etc. It is very much a dark erotica. Though it starts out as a suspense, by the halfway mark, all of the things that go bump in the night are roaming free. And, if you're a fan of the dark side, that's when things really start to get interesting...

Samantha Holmes, FBI agent, was manipulated and abused at a very young age. She's been formed and warped by those experiences. Daddy issues? Sam's got those in spades. Her thoughts and feelings aren't at all usual. They're often bleak and ugly but they do give her insight into the criminal psyche that her fellow junior agents don't have. Sam can only hope that's why she was assigned to a case so far above her pay grade.

Ian Hennessy, her reluctant partner, has been hunting down notorious crime lord Carlos LaGuardia for years. LaGuardia always seems to remain one step ahead of the bureau, so Hennessey eats, breathes, and lives this case. Being partnered with a rookie should rankle, but he can't help but be intrigued by her.

But Carlos LaGuardia is not the sort of man to take kindly to the FBI's investigation. He's the sort of man more likely to bite back - harder. And Sam, who so closely resembles a former lover of his, is likely to become the one he'd prefer to... bite.

The more time Sam and Hennessy spend together during the investigation, the more captivated Sam becomes by him. Something about Hennessy is like a beacon to her. Not that she has been able to really get to know him. Hennessy is a complicated, secretive man. One moment he can seem like a stereotypical FBI agent and the next... not. I loved the mystery surrounding him. It only made me want to keep reading so I could unravel the enigma that is Ian Hennessy.

The chemistry between these two burns hot. The heat they create is utterly, darkly seductive. Combined with the emotions behind it, watching these two souls, broken beyond repair, find an unusual solace in each other... enthralling. Erotic. Breathtaking. And more than a little bit twisted and sexy. You'll enjoy your trip to the deviant side. I definitely did.

Don't Let Go is full of an ever increasing build up of suspense and drama. It draws you into its dark abyss and, well, doesn't let go. Be prepared to fall in love with one very scary monster. You may not always like him, but a part of you will still grow to love this villainous hero.

Favorite Quote:

My mouth was open, my body strung taut. I wanted to beg him to stop. But even when he unclasped the gag and pulled it away, my mouth remained open and mute. Accepting this. Needing it. He laid the damp strap across the most sensitive part of me, the only organ built solely for pleasure, and he mad it pain.

I choked on my sorrow, my guilt. My moan mingled with his grunts, his low animal sounds on every strike. The strange thing was I sounded like a person being pleasured. The stranger thing was he sounded like someone in pain.


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