Review: Lie to Me by Chloe Cox


Lie to Me (Redemption #1) by Chloe Cox
Contemporary / New Adult
Chloe Cox (November 11, 2013)

Rating: B+
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Harlow Chase – Mother to brother, Heart broken 
Hero: Marcus Roma – Boxer, Fixes things 






I can honestly say that Lie to Me had me right from the start and held me captive until the last page. The story begins in the present tense, with flashbacks of Harlow and Marcus’ past woven within the story. Told in alternating POV’s between Harlow and Marcus, I was taken on an emotionally charged and achingly hard journey.

Harlow Chase was out looking for a new job when she suddenly sees a man from her past, Marcus Roma--her first love and the man who shattered her heart. Harlow met Marcus at the gym seven years ago, where she talked him into training her to box which led to them becoming very close friends. Her parents died a year later and Marcus was the one who helped her through her heartbreaking grief. Marcus did everything possible to make sure both Harlow and her brother, Dill, were taken care of and, during this time, their feelings grew stronger and eventually they confessed their feelings of love towards one another. But then, out of the blue, Marcus picks up and leaves Harlow behind with no warning and no explanation, even though he had his reasons – reasons he was forbidden to tell Harlow. When he left, he went to work for Alex Wolfe, his godfather. Marcus did Alex’s dirty work as a fixer, who fixed problems for Alex, legally or illegally, it didn’t matter as long as the problem was fixed.

Lost without Marcus, Harlow does some regretful, self-destructive things during the five years he was gone. Her world was shattered when he left, but Harlow finds a way to move on with her life, even though she never truly got over Marcus. Seeing him again brought back bittersweet memories from before and it still makes her angry and resentful that he abandoned her. Harlow’s feelings for Marcus are incredibly confusing and complicated. She hates him, but she loves him at the same time.

This is the man who broke me. This is the man who kept me going during the darkest time of my life and then disappeared. This is the man who made me. And I hate him.

Harlow doesn’t know why Marcus left, but she suspects he’s back in town because of Alex Wolfe, the man behind the development that is tearing down her old neighborhood and causing her problems. This puts Marcus in a situation where he must make a choice between Alex Wolfe, the man he feels like he owes, or Harlow, the woman he never stopped loving and would do anything for. The choice has never been clearer. Harlow has always owned his heart. Now he must find a way to gain Harlow’s trust again without revealing why he left. There are consequences if Marcus tells the truth. So, he must find a way to prove to Harlow that she’s always been the most important thing in his life and make things right between them again.

I love beautifully damaged men, which is why Marcus captured my heart right away. I love how relentless he was in his pursuit to win Harlow back. The boy Harlow once knew is no more. He’s now a man who has come back edgier, darker, rougher, bigger, and sexier. Marcus is a force to be reckoned with and doesn’t take no for an answer. The things Marcus does for Harlow and the things he says to her… it was no wonder Harlow found herself weakening around him. Marcus has always been Harlow’s kryptonite. But she’s still very angry and frustrated with him and with the fiery chemistry between them, this led to some very passionate and intense sex scenes. Yet, even though she gave her body to him, she still wants the truth before she can give all of herself. Because if he leaves her again, she’s scared she won’t survive the second time around. So, before they can be happy together, they have a lot of things to air out and get past. There are some soul bearing scenes between these two that absolutely slayed me.

Jesus. So. Fucking. Beautiful.
My world goes from black and white to color, from dead and dull to alive and intense. It’s almost too much, like my entire nervous system clicks on at once, every never firing at maximum capacity, telling me to get the hell over there and claim her.

What I loved the most about Lie to Me is how very intriguing this book is as the story slowly unfolds, which managed to evoke a massive amount of raw emotions inside me. It was easy to become fully invested in Harlow and Marcus’s love story; one full of love, regret, loss, redemption, and forgiveness. What they go through over the years was sad and painful yet beautiful and passionate at the same time. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I’m super stoked to read the next story in Chloe Cox’s Redemption series.


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I love writing steamy and erotic romances, some dark, some light, but always about something that moves me. And, because I'm totally a sucker, love tends to win out. Everyone deserves a happy ending. :)

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