Review: Speak Low by Melanie Harlow


Speak Low (Speak Easy #2) by Melanie Harlow
Historical / New Adult  
Melanie Harlow (October 29th, 2013)

Rating: B
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Tiny O’Mara – Sassy, Confused
Hero: Joey Lupo – Italian, Gangster 
Hero: Enzo DiFiore – Italian, Mobster Prince






Speak Low picks up where Speak Easy ended. We were left with a semi-cliffhanger that had me antsy to get my hands on Speak Low. When Joey Lupo decided he’s going to give Tiny O’Mara a sensual kiss to remember, and confuse the hell out of her, I couldn’t wait to see what happens. 

After everything Tiny went through to save her father, her father has made a deal with the DiFiore’s and is now working for them – one of the biggest organized crime families in Detroit. In Speak Easy, Tiny gave into her sexual desire for Enzo DiFiore and is now tangled up in his world as his secret lover, since he’s not exactly available to be Tiny’s. But when newly developed feelings for Joey arise, things become even more complicated for Tiny. She’s not sure where her head and heart lies.

Will she choose the dangerous, sexy, and power hungry Enzo? Though she doesn’t have feelings for him, she is drawn to him sexually and sees a way out of her father’s house when he offers her a lavish apartment of her own. Or will she choose her childhood friend, Joey, who is charming, loyal, handsome, and protective? Tiny and Joey have history together. But does Tiny only see him as her childhood friend who she playfully bantered with or is there more to her feelings for him? As Tiny vacillates between Enzo and Joey, she struggles with her emotions and feelings as she tries to do the right thing for her.

I really love Tiny with all her sass and spunk. She’s young, confused, and inexperienced at love and life. She did come across as slightly immature in this book in the beginning, as she makes impulsive and irrational decisions, but this book is about Tiny figuring things out. Tiny internally wars with her heart, wants, and logic. And what she wants may not be what’s best for her future or the direction of her life. She must dig deep to find herself and figure out which man is right for her.

Enzo, Joey, Enzo, Joey… Who does Tiny choose? I fell for the dangerous, bad boy Enzo in the first book. I can’t help myself, I love bad boys. But I always had a twinge of attraction towards Joey, I just didn’t really know him until this book. Joey truly shined in this story and I became smitten with the gorgeous and protective Italian who can cook. I had thought I made my choice in this love triangle in the first book... but Harlow managed something most authors can’t – made me switch teams. Sneaky lady.

This book didn’t have as much mystery and exciting action as Speak Easy, but it was loaded with emotion, romance, and smoking hot sexy times. This book sizzled and popped with fiery chemistry. While I did think a lot of the issues presented in this book were resolved a little too easily and quickly, I was very happy with the romance aspect that took front seat in this installment. I do wish the ending wasn’t so rushed. I would’ve like to see a certain someone swing fists for the girl he claimed he wanted, but I guess it just proves Tiny made the right decision.

I really enjoy Melanie Harlow’s original writing style. This is my first new adult historical romance series, set in the roaring twenties, that I’ve ever read. I love the idea behind flapper girls, sexy mobsters, bootlegging, and underground clubs. It’s all so intriguing. Melanie does a wonderful job with the imagery during this time era. I had a great time reading this series. Tiny is one of those sparkling characters that I just adored. She’s different from any other new adult heroine, that’s for sure. Her journey to finding happiness was not an easy one, as she had to deal with danger, deception, lies, secrets, protecting her family, and dangerous crime mobsters. But she persevered through it all and found love and happiness with the one man that could give her everything that is right for her. I wouldn’t consider this book a stand-alone. I think a reader would be missing out on a lot of the great things that happened in Speak Easy that lead up to this fun and sexy story.


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