Review: Transcendence by Shay Savage


Transcendence by Shay Savage
Fantasy / Historical 
Shay Savage, LLC (February 13, 2014)

Rating: A-
Heat: Hot

Heroine: Beh - Modern Woman, Talks A Lot
Hero: Ehd - Caveman, Simple



If you’re like me, when you hear “caveman time travel romance,” you don’t automatically think, “sexy!” My first few thoughts were more along the lines of, “unwashed, grunting Neanderthal.” Which is a bit judgmental on my part, considering I love heroes who are undead, heroes who get a bit hairy on full moons, and even those rough and rugged highlanders who probably went a few days in between baths. Even with my doubts, I was more than a bit curious. And, after I sent a preview to my kindle, I went back immediately to 1-click this bad boy!

Because I was immediately captivated by our hero and narrator, Ehd. Ehd is a simple kind of man. Er, caveman. One who has been alone for many seasons after his tribe was killed. He goes through the motions of surviving but that's all it is. Surviving. Until he finds a strange woman in his pit trap. A woman who makes strange sounds, dresses odd, and seems to have none of the skills the women in his tribe had. Still, as the only other person he's seen in years, he's not about to turn her down as his mate.

I feel my smile on my face as I understand what she is doing. Though it's a strange one, she has a name-sound just like I do, and she's telling me what it is. I try to make the same sounds.
"Ehh..beh." I frown. Why is her name-sound so difficult and so long?
She frowns right back at me and says it again. "Elizabeth."
She sighs and her forehead wrinkles.
"Elizabeth. Eeee-lizzzz-ahh-beth."
She taps her chest again.
The sound is shorter but still very odd.
"Beth," she repeats.
I've had enough. I reach out and touch her shoulder.
I tap her a little harder and growl.
"Beh", I repeat. I tap her again. "BEH!"
Her eyes widen a bit, and she inhales sharply. A moment later, her shoulders drop and she sighs.
"Beh," she says quietly.”

Beh is obviously a modern woman transported back in time. And, because of that, she confuses the heck out of Ehd. He can never seem to please her. Not with shelter or food or protection. And she is obsessed with cleaning him. He tries so hard to prove he's an acceptable mate but nothing he does seems right. She’s constantly saying that “no” word that makes him flinch every time he hears it. When all his efforts and hard work do pay off, it's still not easy for Ehd and Beh.

These two had me utterly enthralled the entire time. Watching Ehd try to figure Beh out was both sweet and endearing. The fact that they can’t communicate through words added a dimension to the story that I really loved. They both had to rely solely on body language and touch. And the touch part... that caveman stole my heart.

Having Ehd as the narrator was both a blessing and a curse. At times, I loved seeing everything through his eyes. It’s simplified. His thoughts and actions are devoid of any ulterior motives. He doesn’t manipulate. He has basic needs and wants and once Beh is in his life, they all focus on her. At the same time, oh, how I wanted Beh’s point of view! I wanted to see Ehd through her eyes. Get a modern perspective on a prehistoric time. Get more depth of emotion. What I wouldn’t do for this to be told in alternating points of view. Or, what I wouldn’t do for a second book in Beh’s view.

Transcendence is a simple kind of story. There’s hardly any dialogue, or a detailed plot, but it still captivated me. Ehd and Beh have a complicated and transcendent kind of love. This book is like nothing else you will read this year--or any year, really. You don't want to miss this one. Trust me.


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