Ratings & Heat

Our reviews are all given an overall rating, which equal the following:

A = Loved it! Period. Read it. Now!
B = Really liked it. Definite keeper.
C = Liked it. Perhaps nothing special but it was a good read.
D = It was okay. Not likely to reread it.
F = Didn't like it. Had to force myself to finish it.

And, for good measure, there will also be DNF, or Did Not Finish. For those books that are just that bad.

I might occassionaly qualify a rating with a + or -, if I feel it's necessary. For instance, books that are absolute all-time favorites would be A+.

I will also be labeling for the heat level, as that is an important aspect of a romance... And sometimes we want to read sweet and sometimes we want to read scorching.
The heat levels, in order from least to most, are:

No Lovin' = No element of romance to speak of. The use of this tag will be incredibly rare.

Sweet = Think of it as first base. Kisses, making out. The actions are described but could be vague, or with more emphasis on the emotional aspect of it. If there is lovemaking, it will probably fade to black.

Warm = More explicit descriptions. More intimate scenes involving the H/h. Consider it somewhere between second and third base. Lovemaking will be described but terminology might be on the poetic side (think: petals and thick length). Emotions are still the majority focus.

Hot = Explicit lovemaking. There will probably be some P-words and C-words. Sensuality is a big part of the story, the H/h might spend a good amount of time between the sheets. Or bent over a table. Or thinking about the heroine's petals or the hero's thick length.

Sizzling = You might consider it erotica or romantica. Sensuality is the focus, more or less, of the story. And there will be no holds barred. And sometimes it probably won't be very vanilla at all. Probably has some kink thrown in for good measure.


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