Review: Inertia by Amelia C. Gormley


Inertia (Impulse #1) by Amelia C. Gormley
Contemporary / Gay  
Amelia C. Gormley (July 18, 2012)

Rating: B
Heat: Hot

Hero: Derrick Chance – Handyman, Lonely 
Hero: Gavin Hayes – Accountant, Scared
Setting: Michigan, USA



Derrick Chance is… stuck. On pause. He’s living in his childhood home, complete with antique appliances he can’t seem to part with. And, since breaking up with his girlfriend – ten years ago, mind you – he hasn’t even been on an actual date. Derrick has known a lot of loss and heartache in his life and he’s scared of putting himself out there. He finds comfort in routine and familiarity. So, for the last decade, he has focused on work and building his business.

Which is probably why he meets Gavin Hayes while on the job. A job that evolves from building shelves to fixing a desk leg to many other crazy tasks. Because, for the first time in a very long time, someone has caught Derrick’s eye. And neither Derrick nor Gavin are willing to take the leap and ask the other out.

Although Gavin’s reasons are much different from Derrick’s—and Gavin himself is almost Derrick’s complete opposite. Gavin, a flirt through and through, has just gotten out of a bad relationship and isn’t sure he’s ready to move on. Not only that, he’s living with a pretty serious health scare… But he can’t seem to stay away from Derrick.

And thank goodness for that! Outgoing Gavin is exactly what Derrick needs—even if Gavin’s troubles make old fears resurface for Derrick. Because someone needs to get that man to live a little and Gavin, who is sweet with a very sexy dominant streak, is just the man to do it!

One of my favorite aspects of Derrick and Gavin’s relationship is how full of real issues and real emotions it is. Derrick, though openly bisexual, is also a virgin when it comes to men. He fumbles and he stumbles, trying to figure out what Gavin wants and needs. Which, honestly, his inexperience is pretty darn hot. And Gavin, though the younger man, is equally sexy in his teacher role. Showing and explaining things to Derrick. It was a combination that was erotic while also incredibly tender.

Inertia is a stellar debut by Miz Gormley. It managed to be both sensual and touching. And I love the way that real-world issues, that both gay and straight couples have to face, are not only incorporated but handled in a delicate and yet honest way. I am also happy that the story doesn’t end with a neat little happily ever after. It’s made me excited to see what will happen next for these two!

Favorite Quote:

Gavin looked up at him a while longer, his eyes wide, pupils large and dark, before he pushed himself up. He pulled his glasses off, his movement slow and deliberate as he laid them on the coffee table, giving Derrick plenty of time to back out. Then Gavin turned and kissed him.
Derrick heard himself moan, his arm tightening behind Gavin, sliding down to wrap around his back and draw him closer. He tasted as good as he smelled, even the hint of beer on his breath. It was strange; fulfilling the promise of contact that had been hovering between them all day both relieved Derrick’s tension and made it ten times worse. It threatened to send something ravenous to the surface that he hadn’t known lurked beneath.


Thoughts While Reading:



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