Cover Reveal! Come Rain or Shine by Allison Jewell


Come Rain or Shine (Shine On #3)  by Allison Jewell

Release Date: November 2013

Genre: Historical Romance (1920s) 
Age Group: New Adult

Cover Designer: RBA Designs



Emmie Talbot is mostly a quintessential good girl.
Brave, Southern, and Kind.
An ex-moonshiner (really, this time).
And in love with Silas McDowell.

In the third book of the Shine On Series, Come Rain or Shine, Emmie Talbot and Silas McDowell head north in an attempt to escape the shadows left behind in Kentucky. A brush with death involving an iron skillet and a man from Emmie’s past, leaves them hurt and unsure of their next step. Seeking refuge in Chicago with friends and family sounded like a great idea. Ava is there, along with the secret she’s been harboring, and so are the father and brother Emmie never knew she had. What is supposed to be a peaceful trip to the big city turns out being anything but.

While they are away, Bowling Green is burning, literally. When Emmie learns what is happening back home, she is forced to face the dangerous consequences that remain from her past attempts at moonshining.

Silas longs to make her life perfect: buying her new clothes, making her promises, and hiding ugly truths. But Emmie doesn’t want a perfect life. She just wants someone to stand beside her, Come Rain or Shine.


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About the Author


Allison Jewell lives in southern Kentucky with her husband, two sons, and dog. When she isn't hard at work on her next novel, she can be found doing one of her favorite things: watching her older son chase the puck at the local hockey rink, secretly eating her mother's homemade brownies, hanging out at home listening to records with her husband, or making up silly songs with her younger son. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom and writer, Allison worked as an elementary school teacher and education consultant.

Shine On is Allison Jewell's debut novel. She is currently editing the second book in this series, Rise and Shine.

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